We think caring about the environment is sexy AF.



Nieuleef was founded with the idea to create a brand that encourages men to care and be active participants in making a difference.


We are a brand that is good for everything involved, from the environment, to those involved in the production, all the way to the men wearing our products. ​



Our production takes place in Bali: the Island of the Gods. We use 100% hemp fabric, which is the most sustainable, durable, and beneficial fiber on Earth. Our High-quality hemp fabric is naturally hand-dyed with plants native to Indonesia. Then our plant-dyed hemp fabric is made into comfortable and breathable shirts that continue to get softer and smoother with each use.

Nieuleef provides safe jobs to the locals in Bali and provides superior quality activewear to you.​ 


By using our innovative combination of hemp and plant dye, every shirt we sell conserves a sh*t ton of water and helps store massive amounts of carbon. 

That's pretty cool if you ask us.

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