Why We Only Use Natural Dyes

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

At Nieuleef, we wanted to create products that are as good for everyone who comes across them as they are for the planet.

The safety of our employees and the safety of those who wear our garments, go hand in hand with the safety of the environment. This is why all of our clothing is colored with natural plant-based dyes and we never use chemicals in any of our processing.

Chemical dyes are typically derived of highly toxic substances such as mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium chloride, toluene, and benzene. Yeah, we didn't think you'd want to be putting that against your skin either.

In the fast fashion industry, workers have to handle these highly toxic chemical dyes are exposed to these toxins for long periods of time. Exposure to these toxins can cause deadly illnesses such as lung cancer, breast cancer, mesothelioma, or reproductive problems. Textile workers may be directly inhaling toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, arsenic, and cadmium. Not with us! Our lovely crew could eat the dyes used on our clothing, if they really wanted to.

So why doesn't everyone just use natural dyes?

Unfortunately, synthetic dyes are cost-effective, which is why they are used more often than not. The opposite is true for our natural dyes, they are extremely costly. These products are not nearly as accessible as artificial dyes and prove to require a lot more time, effort, and materials to produce. To us, it is just worth it.

Another reason most fashion labels choose the chemical route is for longevity. The colors derived from natural resources will fade on clothing over time because, well, just like organic food, there aren’t any preservatives sealing the colors in. However, one of the benefits of our 100% hemp fabric is that it is exceptionally great in absorbing colors.

That’s why our hemp and plant-based dye combination is a match made in heaven and the most innovative duo in the textile industry today.

When you are choosing our products, you choose not to contribute to many of the harmful aspects within the fashion industry and you get quality garments made to last that are good for everyone and everything, every step of the way.